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Can I find the swimming pool leak myself?

Can I find the swimming pool leak myself?

You may be able to find a leak, and your efforts will narrow the list of possibilities when professional help is needed. Here is a checklist to be your own pool detective:

  • Look at pool equipment for moisture or obvious leaks.

  • Check the fittings that go into or out of the pool pump, filter, or heater.

  • See if pump lids, valves, or seals are leaking. Look at the waste line to see if the multi-port valve is leaking.

  • Water should not flow or drip from the backwash line.

  • Perform your own dye test. Drop a small amount of dye (from a pool supply store) near the suspected leak. The dye will flow with the water into the leak.

Detecting Water Leaks That You Can’t See

Many water leaks occur in the plumbing system, pipes, or around the drains or lights. Professionals use water leak detection equipment that can detect pool water leaks in a few hours or less. And the sooner you fix the leak, the less opportunity for additional damage.Answer the following questions to expedite the process for you and/or the Raytek technician:

  • How old is the pool?

  • What type of pool do you have? (concrete, gunite, fiberglass, vinyl liner, pool/spa combination)

  • When did you first notice a possible leak?

  • Was anything going on that could cause a leak? Heavy objects falling into the pool, construction activity, extreme heat or cold weather, and a long stretch of rainy weather create conditions for pool leaks and structural changes.

  • Have you made any recent repairs to the pool?

  • Is there a certain level at which the water level stops dropping?

  • Do you notice a difference in leaking with the pump on or off? More leakage when the pump runs may indicate a pressure side plumbing leak. When the pump is off and you have more water leaking, then you may have a suction side plumbing leak.

If you have having trouble locating the water leak its important that you don’t dealy as it will only cause more damage, give our Bakersfield Water Leak Detection office a call today!